PEACE - Technical Assistance on youth financial services in the context of the YouthStart programme of the UNCDF.

The objective consisted of providing TA to 10 African MFIs in order to help them improve and increase the outreach of financial services to Youth. Azimut conducted diagnostics and designed a specific TA plan for each MFI.

More specifically, the TA consists of developing tailored action plans to help MFIs reach the targets set for the program and coaching them on: market research; youth financial products development; marketing strategies to reach young women and girls, monitoring (usage and cross selling) and reporting; Client Protection Principles (CPP), etc.

The beneficiary MFIs were:
- RCPB in Burkina Faso
- Pamecas in Sénégal
- FUCEC in Togo
- Finca in Democratic Republic of the Congo
- Umutanguha Finance Ltd. in Rwanda
- ACSI in Ethiopia
- PEACE in Ethiopia
- Opportunity International Bank in Malawi
- Finca in Uganda
- Finance Trust Bank in Uganda



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