Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance

  • Due Diligence
  • Restructuring MFIs
  • Technical Assistance to MFIs
  • Training and coaching

Our core business consists of providing technical assistance ("TA") to financial service providers ("FSPs").

Azimut’s value added resides in its global approach, starting with the identification of the TA needs through implementation and TA monitoring.
Azimut has developed a methodology for conducting TA due diligence, inspired by our rating and benchmarking backgrounds. The objective is to assess the growth potential of the FSP in a given timeframe and to identify all areas that would need to be addressed.

Based on the due diligence, Azimut designs a tailored TA program, structured in successive and complementary phases in order to best meet the needs of the MFI, while taking into account its absorption capacity. As part of the TA plan, special attention is given to the change management to ensure ownership of the project by all stakeholders.

A performance monitoring system is developed to monitor the TA implementation and for measuring impacts of the TA on operational (including individual staff performance) and financial performance of the beneficiary FSPs overtime.

The TA plan will focus either on strengthening existing services (credit, savings, remittances, etc.) or on developing new lines of business, such as MSME finance or Youth Finance, in which Azimut has unique expertise.

Azimut provides TA in the following areas:

  • Governance
  • Risk Management
  • Credit and Savings Operations
  • Marketing and Product Development
  • Organization and Management
  • Human Resources
  • Institutional Development / Transformation
  • Network Management and Reporting
  • Financial and Social Management
  • MSME Finance
  • Youth Finance

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TA Due Diligence (SOFI)

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